History of Sacred Messengers

SACRED MESSENGERS – A 54 year history of bringing God’s word to the Yakima Valley and beyond.

Sacred Messengers was approved by the Secretary of the State of Washington as a 501 c (3) non-profit corporation, on April 1, 1963. From its inception Sacred Messenger’s commitment was evangelism.

The main evangelization instrument for Sacred Messengers was radio broadcasting. Over the years Sacred Messengers raised over a quarter million dollars to help keep KBBO (Yakima Christian Radio Station) alive and well. During this same period of time, Sacred Messengers purchased stock that was issued by the Yakima Broadcasting Company, Inc. (owners of KBBO/KSRE) but the majority of the 47% owned by Sacred Messengers was a gift by various individuals in return for a tax exemption.  Through this radio ministry Sacred Messengers reached people with the Gospel in English and Spanish on three different radio stations, KBBO, KYXE, and KZTA.

Subsequently Yakima Broadcasting sold KBBO to a secular station with the understanding that they would retain a Christian program format.  In August 2004, after approximately a 12 year association with New Northwest Broadcasters, KBBO/KUSA (980 AM) ceased operations as a Christian radio station and Sacred Messengers radio ministry came to an end.

Between August 2004 and December 2005 a great deal of soul searching occurred by the board of directors as to the future of Sacred Messengers.  Believing that God was not willing to perform the “last rites” on Sacred Messengers but to give it new life with a broader ministry focus, a new group of Christian men stepped forward. In September 2005 a unanimous decision was made to proceed with the development of a new board and allow God to use these men to give a new focus to Sacred Messengers.  The transition of leadership occurred on December 7, 2005.

Here are some of the events and actions that Sacred Messengers has supported since its creation.

  • From 1963 to 2004 Sacred Messengers was a major supporter of Christian broadcasting through Yakima Broadcasting and KBBO
  • Since 2006 Sacred Messengers has contributed to several international ministries in support of their work and/or individuals within the ministry.  This has been mostly in the Ukraine.  Sacred Messengers also supported a construction project at Pryashevo, Ukraine by raising over $20,000.
  • Sacred Messengers played a key role in hosting the Kiev Symphony Orchestra and Chorus in Yakima in September 2008.
  • During 2009 and 2010 Sacred Messengers played a significant role in the Yakima Valley City Fest.  Three of the board members of Sacred Messengers served on the Executive Committee for City Fest. Sacred Messengers financial commitment to the event was over $25,000, the largest single contribution by any church, individual, or para-church organization.  In addition a number of financial contributions were made by individual board members to City Fest.
  • October 9, 2010 Sacred Messengers hosted a World Challenge Dinner for the Jesus Film Harvest Partners organization. That event raised $40,000 for JFHP.
  • Sacred Messengers sponsored “Focus on the Family Weekend Magazine” on KBBO/KUSA each Sunday morning from early 2010 until mid-2012.
  • Twice daily seven days a week Sacred Messengers sponsored “Changing Your World” with Luis Palau on KBBO/KUSA radio.
  • Sacred Messengers made a $1000 contribution to Madison House (UGM) to purchase sewing machines for the instructional purpose of teaching impoverished young people a life-contributing trade. Sacred Messengers also purchased 32 youth Bibles and donated them to Madison House for their youth development program.
  • Sacred Messengers supported a “Christian Calendar of Events” page in a local newspaper publication with a distribution of over 5,000 copies throughout the Yakima Valley.

By 2016, despite several professional and individual attempts at fundraising, the Sacred Messengers Board of Directors sadly concluded that competition for donor dollars was too great to allow a small but broad-based local ministry to survive.  By the grace of God, Sacred Messengers was presented with the opportunity to join forces with an emerging force in Yakima called Transform Yakima Together.  In June of 2017 Sacred Messengers merged with and continues to pursue God’s work as Transform Yakima Together.

We hope that you will continue to support Evangelism and church unity in the Yakima Valley by joining with and supporting Transform Yakima Together.

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