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Sacred Messengers dedicated to promoting a united Christian community in the Yakima Valley through the following activities:

  • Providing a directory of Christian organizations in the Valley and a calendar where they can promote events that are of community wide interest.

  • Offering a place for Christian organizations to request help outside their general membership for projects and events they have planned.

  • Promoting community wide Christian events and partnering with groups that conduct those events in the Valley.

Sacred Messengers maintains this website for the benefit of all Christian organizations in the Yakima Valley, for the purpose of uniting the Christian outreach effort in our communities.

Christian Community News

Discovering a felt need and common goal in Yakima Valley, we have come alongside the Yakima Valley Christian Community Newspaper.  For more information, click here.

24/7 Prayer Support for Yakima

OUR VISION is that churches and ministries would join together for 24 hour prayer coverage 365 days a year on behalf of our Yakima Valley. Your participation in this effort is vital to the positive transformation of our valley. May you, your family, your church and your community be blessed in coming together and being a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

February 2015 - Scripture Support for Prayer Topics - EnglishSpanish

March 2015 - Scripture Support for Prayer Topics - EnglishSpanish

24/7 Prayer Support for Yakima is a project of the Yakima Valley 24/7 Prayer Committee

March 22
Potato Feed - Toppenish UMC
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April 16
2015 Concert of Prayer
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Every Tuesday
Stop and Pray at Le Chateau at noon - more infoStop and Pray
Every Wednesday
Mommy Connection
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Every Friday
Free Scripture Friday
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Every Friday
H.O.P.E. Addiction Recovery
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Every Friday
Celebrate Recovery
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